A new ranking of the top Canadian cities for young adults to work in was released on Tuesday, May 11. For those who want to work on the West Coast, it seems like now is the time to hunt for jobs in Vancouver.

While there were 27 major Canadian cities included in the list of the best places to work, B.C. cities ended up snagging more than one of the top 20 spots. Victoria ranked fourth, and Kelowna came out at number 12.

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The RBC and Youthful Cities' 2021 Urban Work Index determined the rankings by using 11 different criteria, including good jobs for youth, cost of living, climate change, and equity and inclusion.

Youthful Cities says it recognizes the impact COVID-19 has had on youth looking for entry-level work. The hope is that the urban work index can serve as a guide "for a more inclusive and accessible work in our great Canadian cities."

Vancouver was ranked number one for public transportation, public health, and equity and inclusion. Even though it landed first place, Youthful Cities said that Vancouver was close to having the lowest score for cost of living.