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Vancouver Coastal Health Is Making TikToks About COVID-19 & They're Hilarious (VIDEO)

Talking about the current pandemic isn't always easy. However, some people have found a way to make it a little more palatable. Vancouver Coastal Health created its own TikTok videos to get some important lessons across to people.

The healthcare provider hyped up its latest social media account on Twitter, as well as its endeavour to provide more information to young people.

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An August 21 tweet reads, "In an effort to reach 20-39 year olds, we've launched a new campaign aimed at preventing the spread of the virus. Learn more about the COVID-safe summer guides, poster campaign and TikTok video series."

The TikTok videos (some of which are also available on the organization's Instagram account), humourously highlight concerns around COVID-19, particularly in social settings.

The videos star local comedian Danika Thibodeau, who puts her own spin on the messages VCH wants to get out there.

One of the posts focuses on things you shouldn't do in the club, which include ordering at the bar, dancing, and in a major throwback, "speaking moistly."

Another video pokes fun at the massive Third Beach drum circle, with Thibodeau looking stressed in front of a photo of a drum, with text reading "Us when we see someone pull out one of these at the beach."

So far, there have been nine videos released on the TikTok account.

In a news release on the VCH website, the health organization notes that the videos are part of a new campaign to reach young adults, who now comprise 56% of cases in the Vancouver region.

"We want people to get out and enjoy summer with their friends, but we can't forget that COVID-19 is still in our communities," Dr. Patricia Daly, VCH Chief Medical Health Officer said in a statement.

"By following public health guidance, we can help limit the spread of the virus and protect those most vulnerable to severe disease."

Across Canada, cases among young people have been rising. While most in this age group are likely to only experience mild symptoms, they can still spread it to others.

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