If you're a horse-fan, horse-friend, or horse-man named Bojack, this gorgeous home is made for you. Not only is it enormous and located on a beautiful property, but it's also built with the hoofed in mind. With luxurious stables and a riding ring attached, this Vancouver horse mansion is an equestrian's dream.

The airy mansion on sale for almost $15 million has so much room, I could almost fit my ego in there.

According to the listing, it has over two acres with a massive courtyard, a six-car garage, and the over 7,700 square foot house itself.

And, if you get sick of your six Lamborghinis, there's always that attached luxury stable which holds up to five horses, including a separate driveway.

You can ride all of your horses here, too. With the attached "oversize riding ring," you can give your beloved pets the exercise they deserve.

Plus, the home itself is located in the exclusive Southlands Village area of Vancouver, near a riding club just in case you're tired of holding mini-rodeos at home.

Telf Maynard | RE/MAX

Speaking of home, the place itself is just beautiful. With enormous open rooms that seem to meld between indoor and outdoor living, you'll never want for fresh air or sunlight.

With six bedrooms and bathrooms, there's more than enough room for you and your family to live.

Telf Maynard | RE/MAX

Telf Maynard | RE/MAX

This place is great for having friends over too — the pool cabana with guest housing will make your visitors feel like they're staying at an exclusive resort.

Telf Maynard | RE/MAX

You and all of your horses can feel right at home in this humble Vancouver abode.

Equestrian Mansion

Price: $14,800,000

Address: 6630 Blenheim St., Vancouver, BC

Description: This enormous mansion has the perfect blend of fresh air and indoor luxury.

Telf Maynard | RE/MAX

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