Next time you are walking in Vancouver's Lighthouse Park, make sure to visit this hidden spot.

Hidden inside, you can find an abandoned bunker similar to the one north of Wreck Beach.

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Reaching the secret gem is remarkably easy, even if you hate hiking.

All you need to do is head east of the Point Atkinson Lighthouse station and follow the main path.

Once you arrive at the public bathrooms, take a left down to the pebbly beach.

Just a few minutes away, not far from the lighthouse, you'll spot the graffiti-covered structure.

Inside you'll see all sorts of colourful art that cover every inch of wall space.

The view from the window is priceless, and if you are lucky might even spot whales.

Lighthouse Park

Price: Free

Address: 4902 Beacon Ln., West Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: You don't need to leave the city to find this unique sight.

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