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There's A Massive Moth Outbreak In Metro Vancouver Right Now

It's not just you, there's really an infestation going on.

As if there weren't enough outbreaks to worry about, right now Metro Vancouver's moth outbreak is just another reason why 2020 has to be the oddest year ever. 

A Hemlock looper moth outbreak has been going on since August but it seems like they're spreading and getting all over the place now.

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Even though the outbreak is happening in North Vancouver, in early September they've been spotted in Vancouver as well.

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This is actually the second-straight year of the outbreak and they can last for up to three or four years. Don't worry, the creatures only like to eat trees and not your clothes.

There are no "practical measures" that municipalities like North Van will take and they're saying that they're basically trying to let nature run its course while they feed on trees.