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You Can Get $800 To Spend On Transit For Ditching Your Fossil Fuel Car In Vancouver

TransLink wants you to scrap your old car and go greener 🚗

You Can Get $800 To Spend On Transit For Ditching Your Fossil Fuel Car In Vancouver

Vancouverites looking to go green by getting rid of their old car can now get a TransLink Compass Card that's preloaded with $800.

The deal comes from a partnership with SCRAP-IT — a not-for-profit focused on clean transportation initiatives — to encourage people to trade in fossil fuels for cleaner transportation.

In exchange for scrapping your car "customers can choose either an eight-month adult 1-Zone or 14-month Concession Compass Card valued at $802," reads a statement from TransLink.

TransLink CEO Kevin Quinn said in the statement: "We are facing a climate emergency and we must all take steps to reduce our carbon emissions."

TransLink states their goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, adding that this initative is helping to reach that.

You can claim your rebate through the SCRAP-IT website.

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