This Pub Has A 'Toronto Leafs Poutine' For $67 & It Could Be The Worst In Canada (VIDEO)

Never has a menu item thrown so much shade.
Leafs Poutine In BC Is $67 & It Could Be The Worst In Canada

When it's hockey night in Canada, you know we want to hit up the local pub for some beers and some fried food classics, but there's a Leafs poutine in B.C. that is a total joke.

Poutine is the most Canadian of foods to find at the bar, but at 17 Mile House Pub on Vancouver Island, they have a ridiculous version that would make any patriot shudder. 

A cold, overpriced dish served with underperforming gravy, ice cold fries and a side of disappointment

17 Mile House Pub Menu

It's so bad that servers don't even want people to order it.

The pub is jokingly hostile towards Leafs fans and even charges a 2% surcharge if you walk in wearing the team's gear.

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As for the offensive poutine, it's on the menu for a whopping $67 as a cheeky nod to the last year that the hockey team won the Stanley Cup back in 1967.

Via Times Colonist

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