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When you walk into this B.C. pub — Toronto Maple Leafs gear better be out of sight or you might be charged extra. Despite this, proud fans are still gladly paying the fine in friendly defiance. It's just a bit of fun in one of the most Canadian ways possible.

In his own words, 17 Mile House Pub co-owner Ken Whitaker loves the Montreal Canadiens, or the Habs, just as much as he hates the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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When it's hockey night in Canada, you know we want to hit up the local pub for some beers and some fried food classics, but there's a Leafs poutine in B.C. that is a total joke.

Poutine is the most Canadian of foods to find at the bar, but at 17 Mile House Pub on Vancouver Island, they have a ridiculous version that would make any patriot shudder. 

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Calling all scone lovers! A baker in Victoria, B.C. just came up with a mind-blowing new dessert called the "sconewich," an ice cream sandwich with fresh scones instead of cookies. These Victoria sconewiches are available for pickup at four different bakeries in the province. 

Narcity spoke to Chelsey Columbus, owner of Sidney Scones, who's been busy churning out these unique dessert sandwiches for her customers.

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