Calling all scone lovers! A baker in Victoria, B.C. just came up with a mind-blowing new dessert called the "sconewich," an ice cream sandwich with fresh scones instead of cookies. These Victoria sconewiches are available for pickup at four different bakeries in the province. 

Narcity spoke to Chelsey Columbus, owner of Sidney Scones, who's been busy churning out these unique dessert sandwiches for her customers.

Her company specializes in gourmet scones. "I have over 400 flavours under my belt," she told us. 

During any other summer, you'd find her at local farmer's markets. But she's taken much of her business online in recent months, leaving her enough time to experiment with fresh scone-based goodies

"With it being summertime, I thought my scones would taste delicious with ice-cream. I have a friend who owns a local ice-cream company and I asked him if he wanted to collaborate," she said.

In collaboration with Daniel Edler of 49 Below Ice Cream, the sconewich came into being. 

"I did a whole bunch of testing with it, with different shapes, sizes, and flavours. It turned out incredible," said Columbus. 

Some of the flavours that the 34-year-old has already introduced into the mix include the Peach and Blueberry Sconewich and the Double Blueberry Sconewich. 

Columbus told us her menu is changing on a weekly basis as she normally tries to include fruits that are in season. 

For the recent flavours, she's sourced out blueberries and peaches from local B.C. distributors and farms. 

"Next week, because it's blackberry season, I'm going to do a blackberry one," she said.

Down the line, she's also going to be experimenting with a chocolate scone with a salted caramel filling as well as a London fog sconewich. 

Drooling yet?

Don't worry if some of your favourites have been sold out because Columbus will have a fresh batch of baked goods ready for you the following week. 

These delicious treats are available for pre-order on her website, and for pick-up only at four locations.

When you order, you'll have to select a shop nearest you, in and around Victoria. The sconewiches are $7 each.

Columbus told us she's constantly cooking up new products in her kitchen, so we can expect fresh dessert combos from her down the line. 

We love our desserts in all forms but when they get combined into one, how could you possibly resist?

Sconewiches At Sidney Scones

Price: $7 

Cuisine: Dessert

Address: Various locations in Victoria, B.C

Why You Need To Go: Satisfy your sweet tooth with unique, delicious desserts made from scones and ice-cream.