Police Say BC's 'Houdini' Python Is On The Loose Again

It's slithering across the Saanich area.
Python In Victoria: Giant Houdini Snake Escaped For The Second Time In Weeks

Just a week after it was returned home, an enormous python in Victoria is slithering free once more.

On Thursday, August 20, Saanich Police confirmed that a 1.2-metre-long ball python has escaped yet again, after it first went missing on Thursday, July 2.

We are now convinced this snake is part ninja.

Victoria Police

Police report the snake escaped on Wednesday, August 19, after it slipped out of its owner's backpack while they were asleep.

The last time it got lost, it took police and residents almost six weeks to find it again on Wednesday, August 12.

While they're searching for the wily reptile, police say they're also investigating whether it was properly cared for by the owner.

Via CTV News

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