You won't believe your eyes. Have you already blown your budget and find yourself looking for cheap things to do? If so, then you should make plans to discover this magical place. Vancouver Island's hidden potholes are a surreal sight worth seeing this summer.

Cumberland is one of the best-kept secrets on Vancouver Island. 

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Its Perseverance Creek Potholes are bright blue pools of water that tumble from one to the next around unique stone formations. 

The setting is stunning, and best of all, it is easy to reach too. To get there, it is a simple out and back 3.9-kilometre hike.  

But make sure you prepare accordingly. You'll be walking over wet stones in some areas, so you'll want shoes with a good grip.

To begin, head to the yellow gate in Cumberland Community Forest near Sutton Road. You'll follow the wide Davis Main Road uphill, past the water treatment sheds until you reach a bridge.

At the bridge, take a right, and follow the creek. The peaceful potholes will only be a few steps away.

Here you'll find a series of shallow pools of water surrounded by smooth rock. The potholes are in a compact area, so you don't need to wander far to see them all.

Each pothole is fed from a mini waterfall, as the creek flows from one area to the next. 

The water here is cold, and not deep enough to swim in. But some hikers like to sit in some of the most shallow areas to cool off on a hot day.

Make sure to be mindful when exploring, as there aren't any barriers around them to prevent you from falling in. With all the water nearby, the stones can be rather slippery.

Instead of rewatching another episode from Amazon Prime, why not hike here with your BFF instead?

Perseverance Creek Potholes

Price: Free

Address: Cumberland, BC

Why You Need To Go:  It is an easy hike to a series of pools of bright blue water.

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