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What Did Justin Trudeau Teach? Canadian Students Loved Him In The Classroom

Justin Trudeau's teaching career was "dramatic."

It's no secret that our Prime Minister had a few different jobs before being elected including a school teacher. If you ever wonder just what did Justin Trudeau teach before he got into politics you're not alone. The Prime Minister used to teach in the Vancouver area and it seems he made a good impression on his students.

After graduating from the University of British Columbia in 1998 with a degree in education, Trudeau worked as a supply teacher and then a full-time teacher in Vancouver. He was also a student-teacher while he was going for his degree.

He taught at public schools in the area, including Winston Churchill Secondary School, and at the private school West Point Grey Academy.

According to Huffington Post, Trudeau taught math, French, humanities, and most famously drama at West Point and at the public schools he supplied at.

Back in 2015 when he was elected Prime Minister, a user in a Vancouver subreddit asked other users, "Anyone here had Justin Trudeau as their teacher and remember what he was like?"

Lots of people had stories to share of the then newly elected Prime Minister.

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That teaching background actually got him into politics as he was recruited by the Liberals to lead the party's Task Force on Youth Renewal. That led to him taking a run at elected politics which he succeeded at, winning a by-election in Quebec and then winning the Liberal leadership and then becoming Prime Minister.

Some Canadians might not agree on his politics or if he's a good leader for Canada or even like him but his former students clearly admired him and appreciated the work he did with them.

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