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A 'Super Pink Moon' Will Illuminate The Night Sky Next Week

Grab a blanket and some binoculars. 🌕

Monday's moon will be bringing some gorgeous bright light to help cure your blues next week.

When the sun sets on the 26th, April's "Pink Moon" will rise and illuminate the night sky as a magnificent supermoon that should not be missed by those who love outer space.

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Like every other celestial event, the "Super Pink Moon" will be best seen in a spot distant from big city lights and even neighborhood street lights.

Unfortunately for those looking to see a glowing pink ball take over the night sky, the moon doesn't actually turn pink, as the name of the annual event simply comes from moss pink flowers, which normally bloom in the Eastern United States during the month of April.

But that doesn't mean the event won't be spectacular, as it is one of just two supermoons, which NASA describes as the "biggest and brightest full Moons for the year," that will be occurring in 2021.