Canada's Top Doctors Are 'Optimistic' That Canadians Will Get Fully Vaccinated Sooner

It could happen by late summer or even earlier.

When Will Canada Be Fully Vaccinated? Top Docs Say Sooner Than Expected
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The country's top doctors have an updated answer for the question of when Canada will be fully vaccinated, and it's likely to happen sooner than the federal government previously thought.

Speaking at a press conference on June 11, Dr. Theresa Tam and Dr. Howard Njoo were asked if the vaccination timeline can be accelerated for a two-dose summer instead of a one-dose summer.

Njoo said that because the country is seeing vaccine supply coming in — with provinces and territories ramping up their vaccination programs — he's "optimistic" that we won't have to say that all Canadians will be fully vaccinated by the end of September anymore.

"I think hopefully we can accelerate and have many more Canadians receiving their two doses of vaccine by late summer, maybe even earlier," he said.

Canada's roadmap for life after vaccination, released in May, had planned for 75% of the eligible population to be fully vaccinated in the fall, which would see even more restrictions lifted and indoor activities like sporting events and gatherings allowed again.

"Based on what we had initially planned for, then it's possible that you could get two doses earlier," Tam said.

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