Justin Trudeau has revealed what summer 2021 in Canada could look like and there's hope that the country can get some normality back because of COVID-19 vaccines.

"We all want to have a summer where we can see our loved ones and invite friends over for barbeques. We can have that summer," Trudeau said.

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There are two things that need to happen for the country to have a normal, better summer, according to the PM. First, restrictions need to stay in place until case numbers go down; second, at least 75% of Canadians need to have the first dose of a vaccine.

He added that by the summer, Canada will have received enough vaccines for every eligible person to have gotten a first dose, and that, by September, there will be "enough doses for every Canadian to be fully vaccinated."

Trudeau's calling it "a one-dose summer" which will then lead to "a two-dose fall," and at that point, the country will be able to talk about getting back to even more normality.

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