If you've been asking yourself "when will COVID-19 end?" you're not alone. New data from Leger proves that North Americans are divided when it comes to deciding whether to drop restrictions right now or keep them around for a while longer.

The study asked Canadians and Americans: "do you think governments should lift all restrictions related to COVID-19 right now?"


Only 24% of Canadian respondents said yes, whereas 40% of Americans said the same. On the flip side, 43% of Americans and 69% of Canadians said no.

When answering the question, 17% of American respondents said "don't know," meaning that nearly half of those who did know how they felt wanted to see restrictions dropped right away.

While fully vaccinated Americans are now able to ditch their face masks if they want, some restrictions are still in place. For example, the border between Canada and the U.S. will remain closed until at least July 21.