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When Will COVID-19 End? Quebec's Premier Shares 3 Things That He Says Will Help

If you've been asking yourself "when will COVID-19 end?" you are not alone. 

During a press conference on April 15, Quebec's premier, François Legault, said that the province will welcome back normal life by late June 2021. 

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Legault said that the return of normal life (or near-normal life) will come as a result of three main factors, the first being the end of the school year. He said that schools are a place of high transmission. 

The next reason he shared was COVID-19 vaccinations across the province. The provincial government plans to get all Quebecers a first dose if they want one by Quebec National Day on June 24. 

Finally, the premier said that the warm weather in the summer will help reduce the risk of spread. While he didn't explain how the heat will impact the pandemic, he did include it in his list of factors that will steer us back towards normal life. 

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