Canadians across the country are no doubt bracing for wintery weather in anticipation of the dread of driving on ice and bundling up for months on end.

But what if I told you that you should probably save some of that driving-dread for the fall season?

That's right, according to weather experts the fall season can be just as hazardous en route.   

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Leaves on the roadway, especially when they're wet, can be as slippery as ice so treat them with the same caution

The Weather Network

The Weather Network says that Canada's bright and beautiful leaves can cause some ugly disasters if you're not careful.

According to them, falling leaves that collect on the ground can become a major safety hazard. Additionally, if the leaves are wet they can become "as slippery as ice."

As a result, Canadians should treat them with the same caution as they would driving in the wintertime. 

But that's not all, they say that piles of leaves that are found on the side of the road can obscure hazards that are hidden. 

Experts also stress that many other fall factors add to road dangers, such as bad weather conditions, less sunlight outside, fog and rain, pedestrians and cyclists.