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This Province Wants Canadians Working From Home To Move There & This Is Why

It's promising endless beaches, coastal beauty and super cheap housing! 🌊 🏠
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Work From Nova Scotia Campaign Is Calling On Canadians To Move There & This Is Why

If you’re working from home, this province wants you! The “work from Nova Scotia” campaign is looking for Canadians to move there right now and they’re promising “endless beaches” and “coastal beauty.”

Back in December, the Nova Scotia government launched a new campaign that aims to encourage people in other parts of the country to consider moving to the Sea Bound Coast.

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They’ve created a website and several promotional videos, showcasing the province's beautiful beaches, coastlines and bustling city life.

“In Nova Scotia, you’re never more than 67 km away from the coast,” reads a message on the campaign’s website.

In particular, it’s appealing to Canadians who are now working from home, with the tagline: "If you can do your job from anywhere, do it from here."

In addition to the scenery on offer, the region is also promising affordable housing for first-time buyers and young people.

Per the website, the average price of a Nova Scotia home was $304,590 in 2020, compared to the national average of $607,250. 

“In Halifax: $388,418. In Toronto? $897,700,” the campaign added.

The campaign has been shown in every Canadian province and territory, according to CBC News, with views predominantly in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City and Calgary.  

Nova Scotia’s plan is to bring 15,000 newbies to the province within just 12 months.

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