Canada Is One Of The World's Most 'Free' Countries & Our Score Is Almost Perfect

We scored higher than over 200 other countries! 🇨🇦
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World's Most 'Free' Countries Ranking Includes Canada In The Top 5

In a new ranking of the world’s most free countries, Canada has taken a top spot!

The data, shared via Freedom house, considers citizen’s access to political rights and civil liberties across 210 countries and territories worldwide.

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The Freedom in the World 2021 narrative report gives every country a “global freedom score” out of 100.

Canada placed fifth in the world, with a total score of 98/100 in total.

When it comes to political rights, the country scored full marks with 40/40. A few points were dropped when it came to the civil liberties, with Canada scoring 58/60. 

The only countries to rank ahead of Canada were New Zealand, Finland, Norway and Sweden, all of which scored 99 or above.

Helena Hanson
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