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WWE's Kayla Braxton Said She's A 'Product Of Rape' & Her Roe v. Wade Take Is So Powerful

"It should always be our choice."

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WWE host Kayla Braxton.

WWE host Kayla Braxton.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

Some states have already banned abortion even in the cases of rape with the fall of Roe v. Wade and one WWE anchor says she's stunned by what's going down.

Kayla Braxton, who has been hosting WWE matches for the last six years, recently revealed on Twitter that she was a "product of rape," amid widespread outrage over the end of abortion rights in the U.S.

She also blasted the U.S. Supreme Court for striking down Roe v. Wade last week, saying that if not for abortion rights, her mother might not have chosen to keep her.

"I'm pro- a woman doing what's best for HER," Braxton tweeted while sharing a post from someone else about the Roe v. Wade decision.

The shared post included some examples where an abortion might've helped a woman out of a terrible situation, including one involving a child and others involving life-threatening complications from pregnancy.

"Just want to leave this here for the ignorant and arrogant people who have chosen to remain uneducated about what this means for we women who bare (sic) this burden," she wrote.

"My mother was raped by a stranger," she added in a follow-up tweet. "To this day, neither of us have any clue who my birth dad is. She chose to have me — clearly — but she did so because she CHOSE to. Not because a law told her she HAD to. It should always be our choice."

Braxton's post sparked tens of thousands of reactions from both supporters and angry critics.

WWE wrestler Titus O'Neil also joined in to back Braxton while revealing that he was born of similar circumstances.

"I feel very STRONGLY about not only THE CHOICE that my mother was able to make but equally as STRONG on my feelings about other Women making their individual CHOICE for what's Right for them," he tweeted.

With Roe v. Wade protections gone, several states have already banned abortion in all circumstances, even in cases of rape or incest.

Braxton has since backed away from the firestorm her first tweets caused, although she did share a few tweets to knock down some "advice" she was getting about finding her dad.

She also thanked people for showing her support.


"There is nothing sexier than men who stand up for women's rights."

    Josh Elliott
    Senior Global Editor
    Josh Elliott is a Senior Editor for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on celebrity interviews and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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