You better check the forecast if you're planning on being outside for any celebrations on July 1. Some cities will be feeling the heat and sunshine while others will be cool and rainy. Canada Day weather will be hotter in Yellowknife than it will be in four major provincial cities.

The Weather Network has released the Canada Day forecast and some places have it better than others for the national holiday.

On July 1, Yellowknife will be warm and sunny with a temperature of 22 C.

That's warmer than the capitals of the other two territories but there will be a chance of showers that could put a damper on the summer day.

It will be warmer there than it will be in Vancouver. The city is only expected to reach 17 C and there is also a chance for some rain.

Unfortunately, an upper-level low is keeping the province's temperatures below seasonal.

In Alberta, Edmonton will be 18 C on Canada Day and Calgary will only be 16 C. That's pretty chilly.

Both cities have rain in the forecast for the day.

St. John's will be 21 C, only one degree colder than Yellowknife.

There could be periods of rain with some breaks in the precipitation expected.

For the rest of the country, the weather will vary from coast to coast to coast.

In B.C., places along the coast have the greatest chance of having a relatively dry day on July 1.

The province's interior will be cool and rainy throughout the day.

A below seasonal, wet pattern is in store for the western Prairies on Canada Day.

Northern parts of Alberta will see heavy precipitation and even some thunderstorms while daytime highs struggle to reach 20 C across the province.

As you move east, it starts to get warmer.

Parts of Saskatchewan will be in the mid-20s and Winnipeg is expected to reach 28 C. However, the hotter temperatures in Manitoba could lead to severe thunderstorms.

Ontario is the hotspot with most of the province being above or right at the seasonal temperatures with lots of sunshine.

Montreal will reach 27 C on Canaday Day.

In Atlantic Canada, temperatures will be in the low to mid-20s which could lead to some thunderstorms.

Canada Day celebrations that would normally take place in Ottawa are going to be virtual this year because of the pandemic.

There will be fireworks and performances by Canadian artists.