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We're all generally used to seeing the same old boring license plates on cars, even if they're different colours. However, one place in Canada has said so long to rectangles and gone with something far more interesting. Northwest Territories license plates are in the shape of a polar bear, and they have been since 1970.

The plates were first introduced 50 years ago to celebrate the region's centennial, according to Autotrader.

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You know someone truly loves their job when they're still able to bust a move. One B.C. traffic controller working in the Northwest Territories went viral after a video of his MJ-inspired dance number hit social media. Narcity spoke to the people who filmed the whole routine and now they're actually friends in real life with Canada's Next Dance Super Star.

Iona Strachan and Monique Hurley were driving home to Yellowknife from their vacation in the N.W.T. on Thursday, July 30, when they first crossed paths with the one-man dance party.

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You better check the forecast if you're planning on being outside for any celebrations on July 1. Some cities will be feeling the heat and sunshine while others will be cool and rainy. Canada Day weather will be hotter in Yellowknife than it will be in four major provincial cities.

The Weather Network has released the Canada Day forecast and some places have it better than others for the national holiday.

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Hello summer! The first day of the season is the longest day of the year in Canada and the sun doesn't set until after 11:00 p.m. in some places in the country. That's a long time to bask in the sunlight.

Summer officially arrives at 5:44 p.m. ET on June 20.

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