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You Can Finally Buy A Car & Have It Delivered Like A Pizza Thanks To This Canadian Company

Is there anything more boss than buying a car while wearing your favourite sweatpants?

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You Can Have Your Car Shipped To Your Doorstep In As Little As 1 Day With This Canadian Company

Shopping for a used car has changed quite a bit over the last decade. Instead of trudging out to a lot in the middle of nowhere (or a random house) to see what's on offer, most Canadians prefer to browse cars online and do their own research before meeting the seller in person to test drive, arrange payment and pick up their new vehicle.

The digital era has put the buyer in the driver's seat, with less reliance on the salesperson and more control of their car-buying experience.

But with more of the process happening remotely already, wouldn't it be wonderful if everything could be done online? You could skip the dealership altogether, meaning no salespeople, no haggling, no dealership fees, no pressure and absolutely no need to leave your home.

For Canada Drives, that's the way of the future. This Canadian company offers a 100% online car-buying experience designed to eliminate the final frustrations that come with buying a pre-owned car.

If you live in B.C., Ontario or Alberta, you can browse through Canada Drives' massive inventory of more than 1500 certified used vehicles, pick your ride, choose how you'd like to pay and select when you want your car dropped off at your doorstep.

All vehicles available for purchase on Canada Drives are thoroughly described, including all the key details you need to to make an informed decision, like mileage, engine type, fuel economy and free CARFAX reports.

Considered essential if you're buying a used car, a CARFAX vehicle history report contains important information that'll help you make the right decision, including how many previous owners the vehicle has had, if it's ever been in an accident, where it's been registered in the past and more.

Plus, for extra peace of mind, every Canada Drives vehicle has completed a 150-point safety inspection and comes with a free 30-day/1,500-kilometre warranty.

Courtesy of Canada Drives

To make sure that your new vehicle is right for you, Canada Drives also offers a seven-day "Love It or Return It" money-back guarantee so that you can take a week to see how well your wheels fit your lifestyle.

Is the car big enough? Does the cup holder fit your favourite coffee cup? Can you get your seat settings just how you like them? If you realize it's just not the one, you can exchange it for something more to your liking or get your money back.

Canada Drives will even come and pick up the car you're returning, which makes giving your car back easier than returning that shirt you bought online that didn't fit right.

Courtesy of Canada Drives

Unlike old-school brick-and-mortar dealerships, Canada Drives doesn't have hidden costs or admin fees. And because there are no physical showrooms, those savings are passed on to the customers.

When you buy a car with Canada Drives, you can pay with cash or credit card. If you, like most Canadians, prefer to finance the purchase instead, Canada Drives will connect you with one of their many lending partners to help you get the best possible rate on a car loan. Alternatively, you can arrange financing with your own bank.

If you've never dealt with auto finance before, you might be wondering if you can even get approved and for how much. Canada Drives helps you quickly find out with online pre-approval. It only takes two minutes, is completely no obligation and won't hurt your credit score.

All that's done while you're curled up in your comfiest chair. It's about time buying a car was made this easy.

Canada Drives Offers Online Car Shopping & Delivery

Where: Online for shoppers in B.C., Ontario and Alberta

Details: This 100%-online car-buying service lets you shop for, finance and buy your next car and have it delivered to your door in as little as one day.

To learn more about Canada Drives, check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or, YouTube.

This content is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute financial or legal advice.

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