You Can Turn Your Phone Into A Harry Potter Wand With These Secret Magical Words

You're a wizard, Siri!

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You Can Turn Your Phone Into A Harry Potter Wand With These Secret Magical Words

Have you always wanted to light up the darkness with a magic word?

OK, so maybe you can already do that with a boring command word to your voice assistant. But now you can add a little magic into the mix with these secret Harry Potter voice commands!

Several Potter fans recently posted about the magic words on TikTok, and their timing is perfect because HBO Max only just released its Return to Hogwartsreunion special on New Year's Day.

Many are showing off how the words work on Apple phones, but some of them seem to work for Android, too.

"Say, 'Hey Siri, Lumos,'" user @eve_edmunds says in one of the TikTok videos. "It'll turn your torch on."

She adds that saying "Nox" will get Siri to turn off your phone light.

"Trust me, try it!" she says.


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Other users pointed out that you can use the word "Accio" and name an app to get Siri to open that app.


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A few of us gave it a shot here at Narcity, and your magical mileage may vary, because it only worked for some people.

And don't worry, Android users: this little Easter egg appears to work on Google's software, too.


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It might sound like a bit of good timing by the secret Potterheads making our smartphones, but these little tricks have actually been around for years.

We asked Siri to activate her time turner so we could thank whoever came up with the idea, but it seems like that's beyond her powers.

For now.

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