'Harry Potter' Fans Spotted Some Big Mistakes In 'Return To Hogwarts' & They're So Awkward

Did you spot these errors before they were magically updated?

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'Harry Potter' Fans Spotted Some Big Mistakes In 'Return To Hogwarts' & They're So Awkward

Did someone get into the polyjuice potion at Hogwarts again?

Harry Potter fans caught a few awkward cases of mistaken identity in the new Return to Hogwartsspecial, which reunites members of the original cast for the 20th anniversary of the first film.

The special dropped on HBO Max on New Year's Day, and fans were calling out the mistakes within just a few hours after it aired.

"Well spotted, Harry Potter fans!" producers of the special said in a statement after they were called out for the errors. "New version is up now."

Two major mistakes involved some big names in the Harry Potter franchise — and one name that has nothing to do with it at all.

In one of the mistakes, producers used the wrong photo during a flashback to Emma Watson's childhood. It was a picture of a young Emma Roberts, the Scream Queens star who is also definitely not Emma Watson.

Warner Media and HBO inserted the correct image into the updated cut, but it does beg the question: do they have a folder marked "Little Emmas" at the office? And if so, do they have childhood pics of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson, too?

We may never know.

The second big error actually came to light because an actor called it out on social media.

Oliver Phelps, who played one of the Weasley twins with his own twin, James, caught the producers mixing them up in captions on the special.

Oliver (not James) posted a screenshot on his Instagram page Wednesday, which apparently shows the two brothers mislabelled as one another.

"I guess after all those pranks over the years somebody decided to get their revenge," he wrote.

Oliver went on to say that it was "fantastic" to be part of the reunion and didn't seem too fussed by the confusion.

"Hope you all enjoyed it," he wrote.

The errors have been fixed in the latest cut.

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