16 Top-Selling Books Of 2021 That You'll Want To Read In One Sitting Over The Holiday Break

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16 Top-Selling Books Of 2021 That You'll Want To Read In One Sitting Over The Holiday Break

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After a bustling season of shopping, eating and wrapping up work projects, it's finally the time to kick back and relax. And is there any better way to spend your holiday break than curling up with a good book in some cozy PJs?

2021 gave us great titles across every genre and here are 18 at the top of our reading list.

BTW, all of these books are available on Indigo and Amazon Canada and for those of you that prefer e-readers, they're available on Kindle and Kobo, too.

'The Strangers' by Katherena Vermette

Sitting at number one on the Indigo best books of 2021 list, The Strangers tells the story of four Métis women living in Winnipeg who are all facing different struggles but whose lives are interconnected. It explores themes of race, class and intergenerational trauma in Indigenous communities.

Amazon Canada

'A Court Of Silver Flames' by Sarah J. Maas

This is the fourth book of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and it's a wild and fantastical ride. It's just as adventure-packed as the first three and this time focuses on the main character Feyre's sister Nesta.

Amazon Canada
$38 $34.56

'Project Hail Mary' by Andy Weir

Project Hail Mary is about a lone astronaut that wakes up in space after a long sleep only to find his crewmates dead and a near-impossible task in front of him — to save humanity from a looming threat. But, can he do it alone? Or even remember what exactly he has to do?

Amazon Canada
$38.99 $29.70

'Crying In H Mart' by Michelle Zauner

Michelle Zauner is the head of the indie rock band Japanese Breakfast, but her life wasn't always so glamorous. Crying In H Mart is her memoir where she tells her story of growing up as one of the few Asian Americans at her school, forming a band in college and dealing with a diagnosis that would force her to face an identity she'd be leaving behind.

Amazon Canada
$35.95 $25.15

'Malibu Rising' by Taylor Jenkens Reid

Malibu Rising topped many best-of 2021 book lists, including the Goodreads Choice Awards. It's about the four Riva siblings who throw a massive party in the '80s, only to have their family mansion burned down by morning. But, there's more to the story and it unravels how generations of family secrets led to that fateful moment.

Amazon Canada
$24.95 $16.14

'The Anthropocene Reviewed' by John Green

For non-fiction lovers, this bestseller by John Green examines the impact that humans have had on the planet. It's told through a series of essays, each on a unique topic like the QWERTY keyboard or sunsets, and will change the way you think.

Amazon Canada
$37 $25.07

'Dark Roads' by Chevy Stevens

If you love a good thriller, you'll love this murder mystery about a creepy highway that many young women have gone missing on, including the main character Beth's sister. As Beth tries to figure out what happened to her sister, she might have angered someone along the way.

Amazon Canada
$37.99 $24.39

'Broken (in the best possible way)' by Jenny Lawson

Jenny Lawson tackles topics like her anxiety and depression with bouts of humour in this humanizing book that'll make you laugh and make you cry.

Amazon Canada

'One Last Stop' by Casey McQuiston

You'll swoon over the characters in this rom-com about a girl with a subway crush that's lost in time — literally. Jane is from the past, the '70s to be exact, and August would do anything to help her.

Amazon Canada
$22.99 $21.73

'The Apollo Murders' by Chris Hadfield

Make no mistake with The Apollo Murders, because even though it's a work of fiction, the technical details written by real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield are extremely factual. While the real Apollo missions ended with Apollo 17, this novel is a theoretical depiction of what might have happened had there been one more journey to the moon.

Amazon Canada
$36 $19.99

'The Spanish Love Deception' by Elena Armas

The Spanish Love Deception is a fun rom-com about a perpetually single girl on the hunt to find a man to bring to her sister's wedding in Spain. The only guy that can go, however, is someone she can't stand. The more time they spend together, the more these enemies start to look like lovers.

Amazon Canad

'Taste: My Life Through Food' by Stanley Tucci

Beyond being an award-winning actor, Stanley Tucci is a serious foodie. His charming memoir details his fond memories of moments where food and life meet, like his childhood around the dinner table, filming Julie & Julia, and falling in love.

Amazon Canada

'Klara And The Sun' by Kazuo Ishiguro

If you love science fiction, then you can get them a copy of this exciting novel about a dystopian world where genetically engineered children with wealthy parents have androids called Artificial Friends (AFs) as companions. The story is told from the POV of one of these AFs.

Amazon Canada
$34 $23.80

'Beautiful World, Where Are You' by Sally Rooney

Beautiful World, Where Are You is Rooney's third novel and it's about the complicated relationships of four main characters, each with their own quirks and issues. If you devoured Normal People, you'll enjoy this read.

Amazon Canada
$32 $22.54

'The Lincoln Highway' by Amor Towles

Set in the '50s, this novel is about an 18-year-old named Emmett who's ready to start a new life after serving a sentence at a juvenile work farm for involuntary manslaughter. When he's dropped off though, two friends from the work farm who snuck into the warden's car get off with him and change the course of his life.

Amazon Canada
$40 $28

'The Four Winds' by Kristin Hannah

Set during the Great Depression, this novel illustrates some of the real struggles and hard decisions that people of that time had to make. It focuses on the main character Elsa and her fight to keep her family alive and well.

Amazon Canada
$37.99 $30.11
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