48% Of Canada's Bosses Are Apparently Done With The 9-5 Grind & Let Staff Work When They Want

But plenty of Canada's employees think they need an eight-hour day!

48% Of Canada's Bosses Are Apparently Done With The 9-5 Grind & Let Staff Work When They Want

If you've got a job in Canada, there's a good chance that your boss is fine with you setting your own hours!

That's according to new research from business consulting firm Robert Half, which surveyed hundreds of Canadian workers and employees and found that the traditional ideas of working 9-5, Monday to Friday, have gone out of the window.

For instance, nearly half of senior managers interviewed said they let their workers choose when they work. Beyond that, 31% of those respondents said they don't mind if their employees work fewer than 40 hours a week as long as their work gets done.

According to the survey, you're more likely to get job flexibility if you work in a big company (with more than 1,000 employees) or you work remotely.

However, things are slightly different on the worker side! According to the employees who responded to the survey, 61% said that they need at least eight hours a day to get all their work done. And modern work is taking its toll, too — over half of respondents say they're on more video calls now than six months ago, even though employees overall feel like more than a third of that time is wasted.

Work is changing more for plenty of Canadians these days, especially as more companies adopt four-day workweeks. According to one Ontario town — which has been trying out the concept for six months now — "everyone loves" the shift.

A casting call in Vancouver, B.C. is offering up $8,000 for a man to slam dunk basketballs.

Not only is this a large amount of money, but the job is only for 10 days of work! For the avid basketball player, this unique opportunity sounds like a dream come true!

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