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A 4-Day Workweek In Canada Could Happen As Around 50% Of Companies Say They’d Try It

Research has found that many Canadian companies are "likely" to implement a shorter workweek.👇

A 4-Day Workweek In Canada Could Happen As Around 50% Of Companies Say They’d Try It

New research has found that around 50% of small, medium and large companies would consider implementing a four-day workweek in Canada.

Research from global employment agency Indeed found that 41% of Canadian employers are considering alternative hybrid schedules and new work styles, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed's survey of 1,000 employers of office workers in Canada found that 51% of large companies with 500+ employees would be "likely to implement 4-day work weeks."

Comparatively, 63% of medium-sized organizations with 100-500 staff members say they'd be prepared to implement a shorter workweek.

Per the research, smaller businesses with under 100 employees were less likely to bring about a four-day workweek, although 46% still said they would.

It comes as towns and companies across Canada are testing three-day weekends, with the council of Guysborough in Nova Scotia describing it as "good-good all around."

Iceland also recently tested it out, calling it "an overwhelming success" with improvements in both work-life balance and employee wellbeing.

The Ontario Liberals Just Proposed A 4-Day Workweek Pilot If They Get Elected In 2022

The party leader says that similar pilot projects are working well in other countries.👇

The Ontario Liberal Party has promised to launch a four-day workweek pilot project in the province, if they get elected in June 2022.

Party leader Steven Del Duca made the announcement on Sunday afternoon at a keynote address at the party's Annual General Meeting. He explained that other countries, like Spain, Iceland and New Zealand, have already committed to testing a shorter workweek for employees

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A 4-Day Workweek Was Tested In This Small Canadian Town & Here's What Happened Next

The town has some big tips for anyone looking to convert.👇

Back in June 2020, the municipality of Guysborough in Nova Scotia tested out a four-day workweek for employees because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Around 60 full-time, permanent employees split into two groups and started alternating days off for a nine-month trial, with one group working Monday to Thursday and the other from Tuesday to Friday. The number of hours they worked stayed the same but were condensed over four days, instead of five.

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A US Congressman Introduced Legislation For A 4-Day Workweek & This Is Why

It would reduce the standard workweek from 40 hours to 32 hours.

A U.S. democratic congressman has introduced legislation that would make four-day workweeks the norm and reduce the traditional working week from 40 hours to 32 hours.

In a press release issued on July 27, Congressman Mark Takano laid out the reasons for the proposed legislation, arguing that the change would "benefit both employers and employees alike."

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