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A Woman's 'Millennial Rant' About Work Perks Has Gone Viral On TikTok & It's So Relatable

"Instead of nap pods, please just give us the $12,000."

A Woman's 'Millennial Rant' About Work Perks Has Gone Viral On TikTok & It's So Relatable

A woman on TikTok has shot to fame for her no-nonsense response to "what perks millennials want in the workplace."

Jessie DaSilva, a mindset coach and business consultant, was emailed the question by a reporter, and her answer documented on her TikTok page Millennial Money Witch has really struck a chord with people.

In a video viewed more than 900,000 times already, the 34-year-old from Florida launched into what she describes as a "millennial rant," explaining that companies assume millennials want cool perks, but in fact they just want "a thrive-able wage, good benefits, vacation time and the ability to learn and grow with a company."


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She referred to perks such as nap pods, snack rooms and free avocado toast as the "biggest mistake" she sees from companies.

She added: "A nap pod costs between $8,000 to $12,000, which would go much further on a salary retaining a talented millennial than giving them an afternoon nap."

DaSilva says that millennials were disadvantaged in their careers due to the 2008 recession. Among her other advice to employers, she says millennials should be offered salaries well above minimum wage, with at least a 5% pay raise each year; benefits covering mental health and infertility treatment; minimum 4 weeks' vacation; sick leave that recognizes mental health; and paid parental leave.

One of the many benefits companies in Canada are implementing is a four-day workweek, with some even paying their staff the same salary for fewer hours.

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