This TikTok Video Is Going Viral For Showing You How To Spot Hidden Cameras In Airbnbs

If you're planning to take a vacation and hit up an Airbnb anytime soon, this TikTok video has some advice that just might be worth listening to.

TikTok user Marcus Hutchins, who describes himself as an ex-hacker and cybersecurity teacher, has gone viral with a recent video that shares tips for spotting tiny cameras hidden inside common household objects.

In the video, which had over 17 million views as of September 9, Hutchins said devices that could contain a camera are often "conveniently placed where a creeper would want to look."


Reply to @safarijackza How to find hidden cameras in AirBnBs #safety #travel

According to Hutchins, the most common places you may want to check for a hidden camera would be any suspicious devices or holes that are facing the shower, areas where you'd get dressed, or the bed.

In a room he describes as a staged setup, Hutchins first shows how he finds a camera in a fire alarm placed right above the bed.

Using his trick of shining a bright light at the device, Hutchins immediately spotted the blue-ish reflection of a hidden camera.

He did note that the hack also works for mirrored objects, proving this to be true by shining a light on an alarm clock and again spotting a hidden camera.

Now, if you're worried that the cameras inside your rental space may also have night vision, Hutchins recommends turning off the lights and using the front-facing camera on your phone to see if you can spot the infrared LED lights that the cameras will use.

According to Airbnb's community policies, concealed or undisclosed recording devices in common areas should always be in visible locations as well as be mentioned in the listing. The company also noted that devices should never monitor or record private spaces.

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