A TikToker Put A Camera On His Luggage & Here's What The Airport Does With Your Bag (VIDEO)

"This how they filmed Toy Story 2?"

A suitcase at the luggage claim inside an airport. Right: The TikToker putting a hidden camera on his suitcase.
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A suitcase at the luggage claim inside an airport. Right: The TikToker putting a hidden camera on his suitcase.

If you've ever wondered what happens after you've dropped your suitcase off at the airport, a TikToker is giving people a chance to find out.

TikToker Thomas Miller attached a hidden camera to his luggage to see what the airport does with his bag, and many people had a lot to say about the process.

In the video, Miller shows himself attaching the camera to the side of his suitcase before he drops it off.

"Time to find out what the airport does with my bag," he captioned the clip.

The bag is then shown taking a long ride on a conveyor belt and going past airport workers along the way.

The video ends with the bag joining a bunch of others.


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With over 16 million views, it's pretty clear many others were just as curious as Miller to see where their luggage goes.

Many people made references to the film Toy Story 2 and the scene where Woody has to rescue Jessie by following her suitcase around the airport.

"This how they filmed Toy Story 2?" one person wrote, while another echoed with, "Those that have watched Toy Story 2 already knew!"

Others questioned if what Miller was doing was even legal.

"This feels illegal," one person said.

Many others felt let down by the video and wanted to see more.

"I knew what to expect, yet I wanted more 'drama,'" one TikTok user said.

However, some people were relieved to see nothing bad happens with luggage once it leaves their hands.

"Nice to see nothing happened. Thank you!" one person expressed.

One person shared another hidden camera idea, this one having to do with pets who travel on planes.

"That camera would be great for people that fly with pets. You could put it inside the crate with your pet to see how they are treated," they commented.

For those who wanted a continuation of Miller's video, the TikToker did post a follow-up video showing suitcases being loaded onto a plane.

Once again, people thanked Miller for giving them a behind-the-scenes look at something they hadn't been able to see before.

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