A United Passenger's Luggage Showed Up After 4 Years & It Somehow Visited Another Country

"It’s got some pre-Covid air in there."

The TikToker with her found luggage. Right: The check-in area for United Airlines.
Texas Staff Writer

The TikToker with her found luggage. Right: The check-in area for United Airlines.

Losing luggage while traveling is an unfortunate situation airline passengers regularly find themselves in.

Oregon native April Gavin went over four years without seeing her luggage she checked onboard a 2018 United Airlines flight until a phone call told her it showed up in Houston, TX last week.

In a TikTok video Gavin posted on Monday, she said she was never able to find a suitcase that got lost almost five years ago during a work trip to Chicago, IL. However, the woman was reunited with her in 2023.


Thanks for excitment United Airlines! #LostLuggageReturned

In the social media post, the woman said the lost luggage wasn't even found in the United States. It somehow found its way to Honduras during that span of time and eventually made its way to the Lone Star State only recently.

Gavin said she filed claims with United four years ago, but the bag was never located, so she sort of just forgot about it.

"All of a sudden, I get a phone call from Houston, TX saying that they had found my luggage, and I was confused," she said in the video. "They thought it was a typo that it had been missing for four years."

The ticket from Gavin's lost luggage.The ticket from Gavin's lost luggage.aprildgavin | TikTok

The woman opened her luggage and found things seemingly untouched despite its international trip.

Many people are pointing out that the luggage is like a unique time capsule that has been packed since before the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.

"It’s got some pre-Covid air in there," a user wrote.

After such a long journey for this bag, maybe there's hope for other passengers that have been through similar airline-related problems.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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