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A Waist-Cinching 'Illusion Dress' Is All Over TikTok & People 'Can't Comprehend'

It'll mess with your mind and it just went on sale for $36.

A Waist-Cinching 'Illusion Dress' Is All Over TikTok & People 'Can't Comprehend'

A maxi dress is messing with people's brains on TikTok and we seriously can't stop watching it at work.

The brushstroke-print dress creates an optical illusion when you cinch it around the waist, as user @xojemian demonstrates in a now-viral video.

It's so slimming that it looks like it's bending reality.



"Girl it looked like you almost cut yourself in half for a second," one user wrote in the comments on her video.

"I am not high or drunk and my brain can't comprehend," another wrote.

The mind-blowing item is called the "Mind of My Own" dress, according to @xojemian. She says she bought it off Fashion Nova for $50, although it recently went on sale for $36. Others say they've found something like it on SHEIN.

Many people have tried to recreate the illusion this week, although some have been more successful than others.

User @nanacastro told the New York Post that she had some decent success with the dress.

"My waist looks completely snatched," she said.

"When I put [the dress] on ... I didn't see 'mom bod,' I saw the sexy shape that I had before I had my son."


So I bought the Viral Waist Illusion Dress #fyp #midsize #tryon #viraldress #TreatiestCupContest #IKnowWhatYouDid

Others haven't quite managed to bend reality.


Fashionnova ilusion dress #fashionnova #ilusion #IKnowWhatYouDid #fyp

User @xojemian offered a bit of advice in the comments of her video, after several others tried and failed to recreate the illusion.

"Instead of wrapping it around just tie it once on the front like this," she wrote.

The original video has 2.7 million views and we keep adding to that number, but we still don't understand.

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