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The Ontario Liberals Just Proposed A 4-Day Workweek Pilot If They Get Elected In 2022

The party leader says that similar pilot projects are working well in other countries.👇

The Ontario Liberals Just Proposed A 4-Day Workweek Pilot If They Get Elected In 2022

The Ontario Liberal Party has promised to launch a four-day workweek pilot project in the province, if they get elected in June 2022.

Party leader Steven Del Duca made the announcement on Sunday afternoon at a keynote address at the party's Annual General Meeting. He explained that other countries, like Spain, Iceland and New Zealand, have already committed to testing a shorter workweek for employees

"Let me be clear, improving the way we work does not mean that people don't want to work hard," he said, per CTV News.

"We need people in Ontario, particularly the next generation of workers, to believe they can live happy lives and pursue rewarding careers right here," he said, adding that the Liberals will release other election policies that "reflect the new realities of our workforce" in the near future.

On Twitter a little later, Del Duca told his followers that an Ontario Liberal government would "reinstate the basic income pilot project that was cancelled by Doug Ford, and we will also launch a pilot project to analyze the potential for a four-day work-week."

A four-day workweek would enable employees to work the same number of hours over four days, rather than five.

It's a concept that is already being tested all over Canada, including in Guysborough, Nova Scotia and in the Ontario township of Zorra.

Businesses, including some in Ontario, are running similar pilot projects too. One Toronto-based boss told Narcity that the change had been so positive for her and her employees she'd "never" go back to a traditional five-day workweek.

Ontarians will head to the polls on June 2, 2022.

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