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Ontario Liberals Promise To Give $300 Back For Your Winter Tires If They Get Elected

"This tax credit will provide that relief while keeping all road-users safe," Ontario's Liberal Party leader said.

Toronto Associate Editor
Ontario Liberals Promise To Give $300 Back For Your Winter Tires If They Get Elected
Ontario Liberal Party | Handout, Elena Elisseeva | Dreamstime

Driving on highways and roads can be treacherous during the wintertime with its slick conditions, and the Ontario Liberals are hoping to provide some sort of remedy to that problem should they be elected next year.

The Ontario Liberals have promised Ontarians that if they are elected into office, they will give $300 back to each person who buys a set of winter tires for their vehicle.

"Combining road safety with making life more affordable is a win-win for the people of Ontario," Ontario Liberal Party Leader Steven Del Duca said in a news release.

"The arrival of winter weather gives us the chance to remind people to make the responsible decision to install winter tires, and the Ontario Liberal Winter Tire Tax Credit will give them the financial assistance needed to help make it happen."

It's not officially winter yet, but the roads in the GTA are already seeing some accidents due to the snowy and wet road conditions.

This isn't the first promise the Ontario Liberals have already campaigned with. Earlier this fall, Del Duca announced he would introduce a four-day workweek pilot should the Liberal Party get elected in the upcoming election.

If this pilot were to be introduced in the province, Ontarians would be able to work the same number of hours over four days instead of five.

A Toronto-based recruitment company has already been running the four-day workweek model, which has apparently had positive impacts for all who work there.

The Ontario election isn't for another few months — Ontarians are expected to hit the polls on June 2, 2022.

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