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Ontario Liberals Want To Make It Mandatory For Jobs To Post Their Salaries If Elected

They want equal pay and opportunity for working women!

Toronto Associate Editor
Ontario Liberal Party Leader Steven Del Duca.

Ontario Liberal Party Leader Steven Del Duca.

The Ontario Liberals have a plan to give "equal pay and equal opportunity" to women in the province should they get elected, and with that, they might force companies to be upfront and transparent with how much people can make when they apply for a job.

On Tuesday, April 12, the Liberal Party released its plan aimed to benefit working women, which also includes implementing the Pay Transparency Act.

This would not only force companies to include salary ranges on job postings, but it would also require them to share the pay gaps by gender at the workplace as well as prohibit them from asking about how much money you've made at past jobs.

The Ontario Liberals also promise to lower the cost of childcare, offer $10 before- and after-school care and even "top up" the 18-month parental leave program so that EI benefits aren't cut down.

"The best way to build lasting prosperity is to ensure that all Ontarians have the same opportunity, and are treated equally in the workforce," Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca said in the announcement.

"I refuse to accept that my daughters will grow up in a province that doesn't protect their future or ensure equal pay. If Ontario Liberals are elected, they won't have to."

On top of its plan for working women, Del Duca also detailed the party's goals to boost women's health and safety. Among these promises include free period products at schools and in other public places, and expanding the province's fertility program to cover one cycle of egg freezing.

The party also promises to "create an Ontario Women's Health Strategy," provide more support for gender-based violence prevention at universities and colleges and "create more supportive homes for women fleeing domestic abuse."

This is the newest string of promises Del Duca and the Ontario Liberals are putting out leading into the provincial election, with a four-day workweek pilot and a higher minimum wage among the other policies in their platform.

Election day in Ontario is coming up on June 2.

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