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7 Fall Design Trends That Every Canadian Needs For Cozy Vibes Only

From dark academia to updated minimalism.

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7 Fall Design Trends That Every Canadian Needs For Cozy Vibes Only

The season of pumpkins, apple cider and flannel everything is coming up quicker than you think. Autumn is more than a cooler time of year that comes with a layered wardrobe — it’s a lifestyle.

To get in the spirit of things, start at home; the effect your surroundings have on your mood is undeniable. Any sweater-weather checklist should definitely involve a stop at Walmart Canada (or their website) to get some cozy essentials that’ll change up your space.

To help you get started, here are seven interior design trends that’ll have you feeling extra good about staying inside this season.

Lots Of Flora

Daria Shevstova | Pexels

Across the internet, more and more folks are expressing the joys of being a plant parent. Though your flower garden may be closed for the season, pick a seasonal bouquet from the local florist and put it on display in a gorgeous vase.

If you struggle to keep plants alive, there's no shame in opting for a faux alternative.

Let There Be Leather

Tony Schnagl | Pexels

The fashion world’s into head-to-toe leather this fall, and you can bring that trend to your home with some key pieces. While tan, industrial-style sofas are all the buzz in 2022, you can always showcase accessories like leather table lamps.

This textile is timeless, and the warm earth tones easily incorporate that fall colour palette into your space.

Dark Academia

Taryn Elliott | Pexels

You may have the dark academia aesthetic on lock when it comes to your wardrobe, but you can bring those Secret History vibes to your home, too. Turn your place into the Gryffindor common room with a cozy fireplace. If you don’t already have one, Walmart has easy-install electric options.

Set up camp with your journal and a quill pen in an elegant armchair or keep it simple; grab a cable-knit throw blanket and your favourite person to snuggle up with.

Book Nooks

Vincenzo Malagoli | Pexels

No matter if you’re into dark or light academia, a cozy book nook is a super personalizable home trend. Curate a home library of all your #booktok faves, using the various colours of book spines to your design advantage.

Use throw pillows to transform a window-sill into a comfy reading spot and display your favourite coffee table books in a stylish tray. Don’t forget to snap a fall #shelfie.

Dark Accents

Courtesy of Walmart Canada

TikTok determines more than just what books you should add to your to-be-read list — the app’s got its finger on the pulse of interior design. This year, black hues, accessories and accents are all the rage.

Opt for eclipse blackout curtains, a mid-century modern floor lamp or a dark sideboard (complete with shelves for your bottles of Merlot).


Courtesy of Walmart Canada

Everyone from fans of Taylor Swift’s Folklore or players of Stardew Valley is keeping the cottagecore trend alive, and it isn’t showing signs of stopping.

Embrace rustic woods, cozy throw blankets, folksy adornments and dried flowers.

Updated Minimalism

Courtesy of Walmart Canada

Just because this bare-bones trend has come and gone doesn’t mean it’s unsalvagable — you can still add some warmth and personality while maintaining that simple, decluttered look.

Bring a splash of colour and different textures into the mix with decorative fuzzy pillows, or light a vanilla-scented candle

to add some warmth to your space.

Get a head start on cultivating your ideal fall aesthetic by incorporating touches of these interior design trends into your space.

Whether you’re seeking a revamp on your reading area or hoping to invigorate your living room with a potted plant, Walmart Canada’s home collection can help you get the look while staying on budget.

Shop online and in-store for even more inspo. From there, buckle down on the decorating and enjoy taking in the joys of autumn in a space that feels just right.

To help you kick off the fall season in style, visit Walmart Canada’s website and get inspired by following them on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.