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7 Dog-Friendly Things You Can Do With Your Furry BFF This Summer In Canada

Sun's out, tongues out!

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7 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer In Canada

If there's one friend who'll always be by your side, it's your pup. With their unmatched loyalty, it's understandable that your dog would be one of your BFFs. And like any besties, you're both happiest when you get to spend every moment together. This is why it's such a downer to have to choose between heading out on an adventure or hanging with your dog.

As temperatures climb across the country, it's time to discover some unique experiences and new adventures with your best furry friend. From beach hopping to chilling in a backyard with your pup and a glass of rosé, Canada's full of dog-friendly and super Instagrammable things to keep you and your best friend happy all summer long.

Have A Puppy Playdate

Why You Need To Try It: Organize a pandemic-friendly playdate with your dog's best friends and their owners. Meet up at the dog park, the beach, or organize a barbecue if restrictions in your area allow. It's a great way to meet other owners, who'll have ideas for more dog-friendly things you can do.

You might even make a new friend who you can (eventually) invite over to share a glass of Pink Poodle rosé. With notes of wild strawberry and lemon, Pink Poodle's all about encouraging you to unleash (pun intended) and celebrate your moments of joy responsibly – like watching your pups have the time of their lives playing in the yard.

Take Your Pup To A Dog-Friendly Beach

Why You Need To Try It: It's not surprising that many dogs love the beach. There's plenty of sand for them to dig in, waves to bound through and enough space to reach top speed while chasing seagulls. Whether you want to carve out a whole day at the beach, jump in a canoe and go for an adventure or just take a nice stroll along the water, your dog will love your beach day together.

There are many dog-friendly beaches across Canada like Hadden Park Dog Beach in Vancouver or Cherry Beach in Toronto, which is easily accessible by public transport and has an off-leash area for dogs to run free.

Visit A Dog-Friendly Attraction

Why You Need To Try It: Your furry friend deserves to have fun beyond the dog park, which is why there are awesome canine-friendly attractions across the country, like the Muskoka Highlands Golf Links in Bracebridge, Ontario. This golf course welcomes dogs, and even fosters a new puppy each year.

According to, you should call before bringing your dog, and you need to have them leashed and clean up after them as well.

Dedicate A Day To An Instagram Photoshoot

Why You Need To Try It: Look, you probably take a hundred photos of your dog every day so why not make an event of it? Grab your favourite outfits (for you and your pooch), get the treats ready and have your dog turn on their charm for the camera.

Make sure to have fun with it; be loud, proud and bold. Make every moment stand out - and if that means doing something a little more unique to make it more memorable and to help you find your joy in even the little things, then go for it. For example, if you need a prop, Pink Poodle has a fun label you can throw into the mix. You'll be happy to look back on these memories, plus your Insta feed will be bumping with awesome snaps.

Take Your Furry Friend To An Off-Leash Dog Park

Why You Need To Try It: There are tons of off-leash dog parks across the country like Earl Bales Park in Toronto and MacAulay Point Park in Victoria. Let your pal run freely through the park with other furry friends while you sit back and watch them live their best lives.

Your pup will surely be exhausted when you get home, so have some water prepared for them. For yourself, you could try something a little more fun like a glass of Pink Poodle Sparkling. Its joyful bubbles and crisp flavour pair perfectly with the end of a good day.

Head Off On A Camping Trip

Iryna Kazlova Airspa | Dreamstime

Why You Need To Try It: There's nothing more your dog would love than to explore the wilderness with their favourite human. While many campsites don't allow dogs, there are pet-friendly campgrounds, like Jellystone Niagara Falls, that allow you to make memorable moments with your bestie. You can go for walks, take a dip in the lake and make some dog-friendly camping snacks together.

Make sure to prepare properly for your getaway with your pet. Pack plenty of toys, their bowls, food, and any medicine they might need. Follow the campground rules about animals, and never leave your dog unattended.

Go On A Shopping Spree

Why You Need To Try It: While you might not be able to take your pup on every shopping trip, there are certain outdoor malls that are happy for you to bring your BFF along, like the Outlet Collection Niagara in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, and Windsor Premium Outlets in Windsor, Ontario.

Once you're done shopping for yourself, hit up your local pet store so that your pup can have some retail therapy too. After your shopping spree, head home and give your dog a treat before kicking back with a glass of Pink Poodle.

No matter what you end up doing with your dog, whether it's an activity listed above or just relaxing on the couch together, the great thing about pets is, they will always bring you joy and appreciate you for who you are.

And for the days when you're ready to chill out with your furry BFF, Pink Poodle, a new breed of rosé, is ready to join you. Light, crisp and easy drinking, Pink Poodle is all about owning your joy and the things that bring you happiness – like your irreplaceable pup and a nice glass of rosé.

You can learn more about Pink Poodle on Instagram or in stores across Canada.

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