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9 Canadian Spots With The Creepiest Names You Can Imagine

Who wants to take a trip to Spooky Hollow? 👻
9 Canadian Spots With The Creepiest Names You Can Imagine

It's almost Halloween, and pretty seen the spooky season will be over. Until then, why not take a deep dive into all the scary things this country has to offer? For example, there are plenty of Canadian places with creepy names you might not have had any idea existed.

They can be found from coast to coast, and in some cases, the scary titles actually belie the beautiful surroundings. If you ever want to say you've visited a place that's named after a grave, a coffin, or even death itself, then you may want to take a look at some of these spooky Canadian locations!

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Pain Court, Ontario

The small village of Pain Court, Ontario has a name that evokes a somewhat uncomfortable feeling.

According to the town's history, the name is derived from the French phrase, "the bread is short," as local farmers had a difficult time growing wheat there.

Dead Creek, New Brunswick

The morbidly-named Dead Creek is located in the Canterbury Parish of New Brunswick.

It's a pretty long trek from any major cities, and doesn't sound like the kind of place you'd want to wind up in after dark.

Phantom Beach, Saskatchewan

While the name of this beach might make you think of otherworldly spectres, it's actually a pretty scenic area. Even the ghosts might just want to kick back and hang out by the water.

Coffin Cove, Newfoundland

There's definitely something very foreboding about the name Coffin Cove. Oddly enough, this darkly-named area is not all that far from a place with a much lighter-sounding moniker: The Tickles.

Axe Point, Northwest Territories

Axe Point is incredibly remote, and on top of that, there is not much historical documentation about the area.

What is known about it is that it was used as a military camp for the U.S. Army during the Second World War and that there is plenty of leftover debris nearby.

Bloodvein River, Manitoba

Despite its name, this majestic river that spans from Manitoba into Ontario actually offers some truly breathtaking natural beauty. It feeds into Lake Winnipeg and is a popular spot for canoe trips.

Spooky Hollow, Ontario

Not to be confused with the sleepy one, Spooky Hollow is a nature preserve located in Norfolk County.

If you're the kind of person who likes to wander the woods on a gray, foggy day, you probably couldn't pick a spot with a more apt name.

Desolation Sound, British Columbia

This is yet another landmark of natural beauty with a name that sounds more like the title of a post-apocalyptic novel.

In spite of the title, this marine park on Canada's west coast is actually quite scenic and is a popular spot for kayakers and anyone wishing for some gorgeous mountain views.

Grave Flats, Alberta

Grave Flats bring up images of headstones and cemetery gates, but it is actually just a big patch of wilderness popular for off-roading.

With a name like this, though, being out when the sun sets might make you feel a little bit uncomfortable.

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