15 Nostalgic '90s Board Games That You Can Buy on Amazon Canada

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'90s Board Games

The '90s may be known for many things (think: mood rings and pop-flavoured lip smackers) but one of the hands-down best parts was all of the classic board games. Before the days of iPads and Nintendo Switches, us children of the '90s actually had to get together and play board games face-to-face, and, honestly, it was amazing.

There was nothing better than getting the other neighborhood kids to come over, tearing open a big bag of party mix, and getting a high-stakes game of Mousetrap going. Or how about challenging your siblings to a serious game of Monopoly that went way past your bedtime? Those were the glory days, I tell you!

Well, the good news is you can relive those glory days once again, because all of those classic board games that we loved as kids are available to buy on Amazon Canada. Now the really important question you're going to have to ask yourself is which one are you going to play first?

1. Battleship

The original '90s talking Battleship is sadly no longer available on Amazon Canada for a cool almost $800. Thankfully there's also a much, much cheaper (but slightly newer) version available so you can sink your friends' ships without blowing up your bank account.

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2. Sorry

I honestly don't remember a single one of the rules to this game, but what I do remember is getting together with friends and spending way too long playing it.

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3. Clue

No wonder we're all so obsessed with true crime now. We were given a game as children where we had to figure out who the murderer was and what weapon they used! Regardless, it was such a fun game and Amazon has a retro version available right now.

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4. Monopoly

Before we had the eighty million new version of Monopoly that there are today, we had the straight-up classic Monopoly. Everyone always seemed to have their favourite character to use — mine was the dog — and of course there was always an inevitable battle over who could buy Park Place first.

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5. Mousetrap

Honestly, the hardest part of this game was getting the trap to stay together. But construction woes aside, it brought hours upon hours of entertainment.

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6. The Game of Life

If only real life were as simple as this board game! Also how great is it that retiring to the country and becoming a philosopher were considered losses? Either of those sound great right about now.

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7. Guess Who

Somehow the makers of Guess Who were able to take simple "yes" or "no" questions and turn it into this super addicting guessing game that you could play back to back, several times over, and not get bored.

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8. Trouble

Kids today will never know the fun that was pressing down on the little dice-popping dome in Trouble. It was truly the best part of the whole game.

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9. Settlers of Catan

It's been more than 20 years since Catan came out and this game still holds up. You're out there collecting resources, building settlements, and sneakily trying to rack up points to win the game. What's not to love?

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10. Scattergories

If you didn't get into an argument over whether a word qualifies in Scattergories, did you even do the '90s? It may have tested friendships, but the game was so worth it.

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11. Jenga

Jenga was so much fun to play as kids because that tower felt absolutely ginormous. And now, even though it feels a bit smaller, it's the perfect game to mindlessly play when you have friends over for a few drinks.

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12. Operation

Extracting a funny bone or butterflies from a stomach really doesn't get any easier with age, let me tell you. The anxiety of setting off the buzzer while you carefully maneuver the little metal tweezers never goes away.

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13. Don't Wake Daddy

Speaking of heart-rate-raising games, Don't Wake Daddy got you more nervous than if you were actually trying to sneak around your sleeping father.

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14. Connect 4

This game is so simple — the rules are right in the title — and yet somehow it was still so engaging. Especially since you spend the whole time trying to mislead and outsmart the person you're playing against.

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15. Kerplunk

You never felt more like a physicist than when you were trying to calculate exactly which stick to pull out so that you wouldn't be the one to drop all the marbles.

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