A 'Schitt's Creek' Book Is Coming Out This Year & It Has So Many Behind-The-Scenes Moments

There's a complete, illustrated catalogue of Moira's wigs!

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A 'Schitt's Creek' Book Is Getting Released This Fall

We're not done with this town yet! Dan and Eugene Levy have written a Schitt's Creek book that celebrates all six seasons of the show, the characters and the town and it comes out later this year.

Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story Of Schitt's Creek is a keepsake coffee table book that includes character profiles, behind-the-scenes moments and even a comprehensive catalogue of Moira's wigs.

Hachette Book Group / Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers

The book's 368 pages are filled with major moments like Moira's fruit wine commercial, David and Patrick's first kiss, the Cabaret performance and the Christmas episode.

There are also special features including complete and illustrated catalogues of David's knits and Moira's wigs, Moira's vocabulary and Alexis's adventures, along with behind-the-scenes moments from the Levys and the rest of the Schitt's Creek cast.

Best Wishes, Warmest Regards is being released on October 26 and will cost CA$20.99 or US$16.99.

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