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Dan Levy Reacts To 'Schitt’s Creek' Fan Halloween Costumes & Says It's 'A Dream' (VIDEO)

Halloween is finally upon us, and one Canadian celeb is speaking out about just how much he loves seeing fans of his hit show Schitt's Creekdress up as their favourite characters.

In an interview with late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on October 27, Dan Levy said it was "a dream" to create a show where people would one day actually want to re-create the characters.

Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube

"You want to just make something that people want to make fun of," he jokingly told Kimmel while promoting his new book. "I felt like if you dress people kind of the same for long enough, maybe if people end up watching your show they will try to emulate that in a Halloween scenario."

Kimmel then showed Levy a series of photos of fans, all of whom were dressed up as characters from the show.

Levy was thoroughly impressed, especially with some fans who even appeared to have created their own version of the Rosebud Motel.

"That is not where we shoot, someone built a set," Levy said.

Another one showed four little kids dressed up as the Rose family, complete with Eugene Levy's intense eyebrows.

"Just in case you didn't know, they drew them on extra-thick," Levy said.

Kimmel then turned the tables, asking Levy what he was doing for Halloween this year, and Levy did not seem to be as into the holiday as one may have thought.

"I'm the house, unfortunately, that sort of turns the lights off," Levy laughed. "I had trick-or-treaters for a long time and they never said thank you."

Levy said the lack of appreciation is why he now shuts his doors.

Well, we sure hope that one year some kinder trick-or-treaters change his mind!

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