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Dan Levy Revealed Where The Name 'Schitt's Creek' Came From & It's Surprisingly Wholesome

It all started with Eugene Levy drinking wine with his friends.

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Dan Levy Revealed Where The Name 'Schitt's Creek' Came From & It's Surprisingly Wholesome

If you've ever wondered how Schitt's Creek got its name, Dan Levy has revealed how the name of the town — and in turn, the show — came to be and it's actually pretty sweet.

In Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt's Creek, a book written by Dan and Eugene Levy, the face behind David Rose shared that it all started when his dad had dinner with some friends.

"They clearly had some wine and thought it was very funny to come up with this theoretical town of Schitt's Creek where you would have local businesses like Schitt Hardware and Schitt Auto Repair," Levy wrote. "Funnily enough, when it came to actually making the show, we steered clear of those kinds of puns."

He mentioned that the concept of a wealthy family moving to a small town comes with the expectation of jokes coming at the expense of the town and not the wealthy family.

"For us, it was important to not go down that path. We wanted to use this show to celebrate small towns, and to make this town way more informed, intelligent and accepting than our family, so that the joke actually fell on the Roses," Levy said.

They chose to have town be a "beacon of light" instead of a joke and that helped them realize the show's core value, that it would grow, change and become a safe space.

In another part of the book, Annie Murphy revealed the origin of her iconic phrase "Ew, David" and how it has followed Levy around ever since!

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