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Ever wondered about the bank accounts of the rich and famous? The net worth of some big Canadian celebrities might actually surprise you with just how much of a nest egg they've earned over the years.

From country crooners and rappers, to movie stars, some of Canada's most notable talents are worth millions — and in some cases, hundreds of millions, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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Dan Levy recently shared some tips and tricks to create the perfect dinner party and his dream dinner guest might make you say "aww."

While chatting with TODAY Food about how he makes his summer soirees fab, the Schitt's Creek actor said it's actually his sister Sarah Levy's new son he'd love to sit down with.

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Sarah Levy and her husband Graham Outerbridge just welcomed a baby boy into their family and they paid tribute to Eugene Levy in the most adorable way.

On July 5, the Schitt's Creek actress posted a photo of her little one's feet on Instagram.

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Ew, David! Dan Levy recently took to Insta to celebrate Annie Murphy's birthday, and his message was both sweet and sassy.

The two actors who played siblings David and Alexis Rose on Schitt's Creek are seen sharing a sweet hug in Levy's post from Sunday, December 19.

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Happy couple alert! Sarah Levy finally shared wedding pictures from her big day and they're so, so gorgeous.

Back in October, Twyla from Schitt's Creek tied the knot with her partner Graham Outerbridge. On Sunday, November 21, she shared new pics from the joyful event on her Insta, and we're melting over how happy everyone looked.

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