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A UK Host Praised Kate Middleton's 'Tiny Waist' On Air & People Are Not Happy

The GMB host really wanted to talk about how "slim" she looked.

A UK Host Praised Kate Middleton's 'Tiny Waist' On Air & People Are Not Happy

A Good Morning Britain host is getting ripped on social media for paying attention to Kate Middleton's waist instead of her words.

Richard Madeley, who co-hosts the morning show on Britain's ITV, is facing plenty of backlash for commenting on the Duchess of Cambridge's body on Monday.

"She's so slim, isn't she, Kate?" he said on air, after a report about Kate and Prince William's Earthshot Prize awards.

The couple attended the Earthshot ceremony on Sunday to promote green-energy projects around the world, and to hand out prizes to the best ideas.

But Madeley just wanted to talk about Kate's looks afterward.

"Tiny, tiny waist," he said.

"She looks absolutely terrific," his co-host Susanna Reid responded.

That little exchange enraged many viewers online, and they turned to Twitter to rip Madeley for his comments.

"This is what misogyny looks like," one user tweeted. "Did he even hear Kate's speech?"

Madeley didn't apologize on Tuesday.

Instead, the show faced a fresh round of controversy after interviewing Meghan Markle's estranged father, Thomas.

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