A Woman Asked For Payback On A Bite Of Guacamole & TikTokers Are Blasting The 'Power Trip'

"I got a Venmo request from her one time for like 75 cents."

The TikToker in her video. Right: A person using the Venmo app on their phone.
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The TikToker in her video. Right: A person using the Venmo app on their phone.

Splitting the bill at the end of a meal with friends is understandable, but what about splitting the cost of a bite of food?

A TikToker says it happened to her after she went out with a friend for food and later received a Venmo request for a bite of guacamole that she was offered.

TikTok user @ninablumusic posted the video in which she talks about her friend Maddie, which she clarifies isn't the woman's actual name but she's using it for the purpose of the story.

"Maddie was like the biggest pick me I've ever met in my entire life," she said and explained how she met Maddie in college through some friends and they later became close.

However, that friendship did not last and they are no longer friends for "a number of reasons."

In the clip, the woman shares a story about the one time she went out to a Mexican restaurant with Maddie.

"I one time got lunch with a friend who just spent $3,000 shopping and then Venmo requested me $3.50 for the guacamole we shared," the text over the video reasons.

The Texas woman then dove into the story and explained that it wasn't a one-time thing.

Nina says Maddie would frequently ask if anyone wanted guacamole when they would go out to eat, but it's an item she would always initially offer to pay for.

"She would then hit us with a Venmo request," Nina said. "I swear to God I got a Venmo request from her one time for like 75 cents."

Nina says eventually she and her friends caught on to Maddie's "BS," and refused the guac order when she offered.

However, Maddie would take it a step further.

"Then she would order it for herself and ask if you wanted a bite," Nina continued. "If you took a bite, this woman would Venmo request you for 50% of the guacamole."

"This is the girl whose regular dilemma was 'do I go to Prada or Louis Vuitton today?'She was extremely materialistic."


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With over 600,000 views, many people were shocked by the story and how someone could do such a thing to friends.

"I refuse to be friends with people who aren't generous," one person wrote. "It reflects on how you are in the rest of your life. Nope."

"These are power trips. People like this need to control others," one person wrote.

"If I got a Venmo request for $3 I'd just send them $10 saying '[because] it seems like you need it' & never share anything with them again," another person wrote.

Others shared their own stories about similar situations, which were equally as surprising.

"I once went to a party where someone brought homemade wings. She kept a count of how many wings each person ate and then venmo requested them," one person wrote to which Nina replied, "I'm speechless.. this is absolutely wild."

This isn't the first time a person has shared a story about being sent a Venmo request from someone close to them.

One TikToker blasted her roommate after she sent her a Venmo request for $4 for a homemade cookie she ate.

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