A TikToker Blasted Her 'Unhinged' Roommate Who Wanted $4 As Payback For A Homemade Cookie

"Oh, she’s unhinged. She’s gonna skin me and wear me."

Shmem in her viral TikTok video. Right: Homemade cookies.
Desk Editor, Texas

Shmem in her viral TikTok video. Right: Homemade cookies.

Venmo requests can sometimes be annoying, and a TikToker recently confirmed it after she blasted her "unhinged" roommate, who sent her a request for a $4 homemade cookie the content creator ate.

TikTok user Shmem (@capeshmem) recently posted a clip sharing a story about the time she got asked for a payback for some sweets her roomie prepared using some of the TikToker’s ingredients.

"I had a roommate who was making cookies one evening, and she sent me a text, and she was like, 'Hey, can I use a few of your ingredients to make some — said — cookies?' and I was like, 'Sure, yeah. Use whatever you want.' I think she needed like almond flour or something. So, they’re healthy, expensive ingredients," Shmem says in her video.


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The content creator added that when she came back home, she had a text from her roommate telling her there were some cookies on the counter and that she could help herself.

"I was like, 'Oh my Gosh, thank you so much.' I took one cookie and went back into my room," Shmem says. "I later received a Venmo request for $2.50 with a cookie emoji for the cookies that she made using my ingredients. People are so special."

The poster later confirmed in the comment section of her clip that the original Venmo request was for $4 instead of $2.50.

Part of the comment section of Shmem's viral TikTok video.Part of the comment section of Shmem's viral TikTok video.capeshmem | TikTok

Many users have shared several comments noting their disbelief at what the woman’s roomie had done.

"My level of petty would’ve sent her a Venmo for using your ingredients at such a highly inflated cost," one person wrote.

"I would Venmo request her $20 for the audacity," another TikToker shared.


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In a second TikTok post, Shmem shared what happened after the controversial Venmo request, saying that she had to scroll through her Venmo transactions to find said $4 charge.

"Did I pay? Did I not pay? Because at that point, I was like, 'Oh, she’s unhinged. She’s gonna skin me and wear me,'" the content creator says. "I went back, I found the transaction, and I found that she requested it. I must’ve ignored it, and she canceled it."

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Fernanda Leon
Desk Editor, Texas
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