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Some Americans Are Still Using The 'Alaska Loophole' To Visit Canada Despite Tighter Rules

An American family-of-five were actually escorted out of the country!

Despite tighter restrictions, some “Alaska loophole” Americans are still stopping in Canada to make side-trips and visits on their journey.

Earlier this year, multiple Americans were caught stopping in Canada to sight-see on their way to Alaska.

Despite tougher measures implemented by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), it seems some U.S. residents are still stopping in Canada unnecessarily.

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$4,500 The fines issued to those failing to follow the rules.

According to the RCMP, per CBC News, six Americans in two separate groups were caught breaking the rules in August.

Both groups were ticketed for going off-route during their journeys, and they were fined $4,500 in total. 

In one circumstance, the RCMP revealed they actually escorted a family-of-five out of the country.

Those entering Canada from the U.S. to reach Alaska are not permitted to stop for non-essential purposes, and are required to take the most direct route possible.

Despite strict travel restrictions between the two countries right now, more than 18,000 Americans were also turned away at the Canada-U.S. border between March and September.

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