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You Can Get Fined $1,000 For Hanging Out With Your Friends In Alberta

There are really specific ways that you can legally visit with your friends.
You Can Get Fined $1,000 For Hanging Out With Your Friends In Alberta

With the recent announcement of additional health measures, there has been a lot of new Alberta COVID-19 information in circulation and with that, several new rules and regulations that residents have to follow.  

When Jason Kenney announced the banning of indoor social gatherings and a new outdoor gathering limit of 10 people, he mentioned that breaking these orders will be punishable by law.

He said he was looking to allow peace officers to dole out fines to rule-breakers. According to the provincial guidelines, you can get fined $1,000 for breaking gathering restrictions. 

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Social gatherings are the biggest problem. Jason Kenney

Right now, Albertans are only allowed to see their immediate household members inside homes. 

While we are allowed to gather in groups of 10 outdoors, those gatherings need to allow for social distancing and cannot have any indoor component at all.

If you live alone, you can select two people to act as your immediate household. 

Even in restaurant settings, Albertans have to sit with only the people they live with at a maximum of six people per table. 

While these rules are new, they're worth getting familiar with so you don't get hit with a big old fine. 

The OPP Shut Down A Massive Party With Over 1,500 People Last Weekend

Charges are pending after the party broke step three rules.

With Ontario currently in step three of the reopening plan, multiple gathering rules are still in place across the province.

According to Dufferin OPP, a massive gathering of over 1,500 people was broken up near Orangeville over the weekend after police received several noise complaints and reports of a large crowd.

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Here's Everything You'll Be Allowed To Do In Ontario Again When Step Three Starts

Gyms, movie theatres and indoor dining will finally reopen!

The third and final step of Ontario's reopening plan is poised to begin on Wednesday, July 21, three weeks after the start of step two.

Despite surpassing vaccination targets over a week ago to enter step three, Ontario's new top doctor Dr. Kieran Moore said it's unlikely that the reopening timeline will be moved up as the period in between steps is used to determine the impact of COVID-19 variants in hot spot regions. Premier Doug Ford, however, said that he wants to move forward with reopening "as quickly as possible."

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Toronto Police Are Setting Up New Teams For Cracking Down On Large Gatherings In The City

Focusing their efforts at short-term rental parties, bars and restaurants.

New "dedicated enforcement teams" are launching in all 16 Toronto Police Service divisions at 5 p.m. on Thursday in order to crack down on large gatherings in the city.

"Our divisional teams will focus on large gatherings that fail to comply with the emergency orders, with a particular focus on indoor gatherings such as parties at short-term rentals or at bars and restaurants,” said TPS Staff Superintendent Randy Carter in a press release announcing the change on Wednesday.

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